Corona Aid Wageningen

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Call: 0317- 41 30 88, or ask for help
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Join the volunteer group!

Do you have a question about the virus? Please call the Red Cross. Experts are there for you: 070-4455888

Need help?

Someone to talk to

Keeping in touch with others may seem less likely. Don't forget you can have a chat via the phone. Calll: 0317-41 30 88 or e-mail:

Ourdoor chores

Do you need someone to do your groceries? Need someone to walk your dog? Need someone to look after your children?  Call: 0317-41 30 88 or e-mail:

Any other help

Do you need more structure in your day? Would you like to talk to a professional about how you feel? Call the number or click on the link below to see the available organisations.

These organisations offer help

Facilities continue to close. Therefore you may not be able to visit the place you would normally meet other people. Fortunately, many organisations still try to support you.

Become a member of the Coronahulp Wageningen Facebook group.

In the Coronahulp Wageningen Facebook group help is requested and offered. We are keeping an eye on the page and coordinate efforts where possible. Become a member and get in touch with your fellow Wageningers

Want to help out?

0317-41 30 88

Coronahulp Wageningen

Join the volunteer group

Your first activity to help us: leafletting all homes in Wageningen this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Corona Reporters Wageningen


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